Sunday, 23 February 2014

What is the reason and treatment of red marks on the skin

Sent us a reader says: I'm 29 years old girl, and three years ago I noticed the appearance of red spots turn into blue and brown and show no apparent reason. After the stoppage of appearing returned in the previous period and more prevalent, previously they only appear in the leg, but now began to emerge in other places such as the hand and abdomen.
 I went to the doctor and asked me comprehensive analyzes of blood and after the appearance of the result told me I do not I suffer from any problems in the blood, as I do not I suffer from anemia or anemia, as well as the number of platelets is very good, what is the reason for the appearance of these spots and how they can be treated? Answer this question, saying: What plagued him the girl is the kind of symptoms that are not associated with her appearance with a particular disease, and appear particularly in girls and women, and attributed the cause to the correlation of these symptoms are psychological state, especially in the case of the absence of chronic diseases Skin Care which can be ascertained conduct analysis and testing and ensure the safety of the woman or girl organically. Show these symptoms occur as a result of tearing in the fine capillaries under the skin. The treatment of this case depends primarily on the mental state and the need to cry from stress and anxiety and nervousness, as is recommended to take vitamin "c", which greatly improves the situation.

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