Monday, 24 February 2014

How to get great skin

It is very easy and boils down to the skin and fed attention from home and abroad, by adjusting your diet and exercise, and careful use of natural cosmetics and skin care products suitable for away from harmful ingredients and chemicals that destroy skin.
 Make sure to eat a healthy diet, and lack of pursuit of thinness excess, high not seem more than a little hoarder, especially in the area of the cheeks. If the period of negligence for your skin in the past has resulted in the emergence of some wrinkles on your face, you can still get skin clear and shiny in a single step and a fairness one is or pen correct defects and it is not like concealer., And who prefers to use after make-up and not before This is in addition to touches to lighten some areas or hide some of the flaws that did not work in the cream base covered as follows.Dry Skin Care To raise the eyelids rather than form on my brow bone directly below any in the inner corners of the eye To determine my face blades on the cheeks To make certain areas of the face look fuller, put it in the middle of the area above the upper lip and the area under the broad lower lip. Remember that attracts light and draw attention to the region, which is placed in, so does the authors of Concealer instead of the traditional or conventional otherwise attention to this defect rather than coverage.

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