Sunday, 23 February 2014

What are the medicinal uses of glutathione for skin

Glutathione is one of the months of antioxidants and this is used mainly for cancer patients - as a kind of support the body and strengthen the immune helping the oxidation of food, also uses glutathione in the treatment of polio disease (Parkinson's disease) and cancer of the liver, breast, and low blood pressure. Skin whitening is one of the symptoms offending of glutathione, and the beginning of the idea of using it in Brightening was at note that cancer patients and users of these capsules have flogged more freshness and lighter in color than ever before, they began using the antioxidants.
 in order to get white leather, and it is necessary to obtain the quantities large glutathione on a daily basis until the symptoms appear in the form of offending lighten the skin. So all the capsules or injections in the market different no benefit from ingested, and can not in any way to achieve skin whitening is required, and this is what we have observed with cases that had to take these capsules or injections for a long time, and paid the large sums of money, and did not find any benefit them after The warm-hearted behind lied cosmetic companies, or from trading these medicines, and for this we find that the capsules glutathione sold in the whole world in the shops under the name of dietary supplements, and their prices are almost too low for those here, and people turn is to be taken only in doses moderate to utilize them as a dietary supplement Like any type of vitamins. Glutathione is considered dietary supplements from natural materials, a very good antioxidant. And glutathione is a natural material,   so it is only monitored by the Food Authority and is not requiring FDA approval by the circulation, and therefore is a security product and is used by doctors of nutrition and internal medicine, liver, brain and nerves, and the word "security" here meaning, used in diseases allotted only. Skin Care There is still no research on the use of needles and injection of glutathione in skin whitening frequently, and there are no reports of side effects that could be caused by eating needles and syringes for long periods of time and in large doses. Due to the lack of research in this regard are many, and the lack of clarity that, so here the risk of using needle and injection of glutathione in the non-purpose, which is used for, especially in large quantities may cause problems no one knows for prolonged periods.

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