Monday, 24 February 2014

How to get great skin

There are some daily bad habits practiced by women without they harm the freshness and vitality of the skin to a great extent. These habits of serious skin exposure to the sun for long hours every day, smoking and excessive use of make-up permanently remove it before with no sleep, as well as not getting enough hours of sleep a day. All of this contributes significantly to the signs of premature aging on your face and your skin in general.
Because your skin beauty and vitality code must immediately abandon your to do anything of the above, and you're so may put your hand on the first by getting great skin even as you grow older. Then comes the other steps are very important to ensure you maintain the youth and freshness of your skin. Experience will know what foods that cause inflammation or irritation of the skin, for addressed because they damage your skin directly, otherwise preferably all kinds of food to feed your skin. Eat eggs, fresh vegetables, walnuts, olives, fruits, fish, green tea and Yogurt. To ensure freshness and sparkle, and add more of your skin care, you can follow these simple steps, which keeps about going to beauty salons in charge: Start by first washing the face and neck skin well using a gentle cleanser on the skin. Second: Use peeled the skin to get rid of skin cells damaged or dry, and avoid the use of sharp that can cause inflammation of the skin and look for safe products moisturizing. Dry Skin Care Third, you can make a steam bath by boiling the amount of water with beneficial herbs, and then proved your face on an appropriate distance from the bowl and cover your head with a towel so as not to leak out of steam up. Leave your face imbued steam for 5 minutes. After that, you can perform nourishing masks for the skin. Choose masks rich if you are a sensitive skin, or masks for oily skin. If you are the owners of normal skin convinced him chamomile and rose water would be the most appropriate. Finally, for your face hydration and smoothness by using a moisturizing cream at the end of these steps, which make the facial skin in the development of more willing to absorb beneficial substances and take advantage of them.

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