Monday, 24 February 2014

Caviar injection for skin beauty Angelina Jolie

Caviar is not the intention here is that the food is expensive, but a cry for a new in the world of cosmetic surgery, which uses caviar, to give the skin more freshness and sparkle. Actress Angelina Jolie began months in the use of such new technology, has recently carried out some injection caviar to her face, it is also used cosmetics stomach of caviar every day.
 The caviar of anti-aging treatments; prevents injury where the skin wrinkled, also gives absolute immunity cells, which helps in the fight against pimples Caviar is also used in the treatment of dry skin, which makes it appropriate for the Arab region, where the skin is exposed to drought as a result of thermal factors, and the use of air conditioners continuously. What distinguishes the caviar that remains in force for a longer period, unlike Botox, which disappears into effect after four months, as it is safe completely healthy, because it is a natural material, so that the beauty experts Skin Care point out that a pregnant woman can do the injection of caviar Caviar is not limited to the injection of proteins and vitamins, but renews the life of the skin from the root, and is currently being used in the preparation of formulations for the beauty of the hair and make-up tools and cosmetic creams.

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